• Deye 110kw 3P Grid Tied Inverter

    Elevate your large-scale solar installations with the Deye 110kW 3-Phase Grid-Tied Inverter. This robust powerhouse seamlessly integrates solar energy into commercial and industrial settings, ensuring reliable power integration with the grid. For versatile on-the-go power solutions, explore the mobile/portable battery inverter unit, providing energy flexibility for events, outdoor activities, or emergency backup. Prioritize safety with professional installation, proper ventilation, and adherence to manufacturer guidelines. Enhance your system further with solar accessories available on our website and explore enticing combo deals for cost savings and extended warranty benefits. Invest in the Deye 110kW On-Grid Inverter for a worry-free and powerful energy solution.


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  • Deye 60kw 3P Grid Tied Inverter

    Optimize your solar power system with the Deye 60kW 3-Phase Grid-Tied Inverter (Model: SUN-60K-G). This advanced inverter supports a maximum PV input power of 78kW, ensuring efficient energy conversion. With a wide MPPT voltage range (200-850V) and robust protection features, including DC polarity reverse connection and thermal protection, Deye prioritizes safety and performance. The intelligent air cooling system, compliance with global standards, and a 5-year warranty make this inverter a reliable choice for high-capacity grid-tied solar installations.


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  • Deye 40kw 3P Grid Tied Inverter

    Discover reliable and high-performance solar energy conversion with the Deye 40kW 3-phase grid-tied inverter. This intelligent inverter maximizes your solar power utilization with a maximum PV input power of 52kW and a wide MPPT voltage range (200-1000V). Boasting advanced protection features, including DC polarity reverse connection protection, AC output overcurrent protection, and surge protection, this inverter ensures the safety of your solar power system. With an impressive maximum efficiency of 98.7%, Euro efficiency of 98.1%, and >99% MPPT efficiency, Deye offers cutting-edge technology for efficient and sustainable solar power utilization.


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  • Deye SE.G5.3 Pro

    Deye SE.G5.3 Pro – a cutting-edge lithium iron phosphate battery designed for reliability and flexibility. With cobalt-free technology and an intelligent BMS, it ensures safety, a long lifespan, and high power density. The modular design allows easy expansion, supporting up to 64 units in parallel with a maximum capacity of 340kWh. Ideal for residential and commercial applications, it offers convenient features such as auto networking, remote monitoring, and firmware upgrades. This eco-friendly battery uses non-toxic, pollution-free materials, making it a sustainable choice for high-power, space-limited installations with long cycle life requirements. Upgrade to Deye for a safer, reliable, and convenient energy storage solution.


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    Deye SE.G5.3 Pro

  • Deye LV Battery Lithium Ion Low Voltage 6.14Kwh 51.2V 120Ah

    Experience the excellence of the Deye 6.14kWh Battery – the ultimate lithium-ion solution for solar applications. This Low Voltage wall-mounted battery, model RW-M6.1, stands out with its powerful 6.14kWh energy capacity and 5.53kWh usable electricity. Compact and efficient, it carries a C1 rating, measuring 460720143mm and weighing 55kg. Operate confidently with a rated voltage of 51.2V, a recommended 90% depth of discharge, and certifications including UL, IEC, CE, FCC. With a 10-year warranty, the Deye 6.14kWh Battery is your reliable partner for solar energy storage, delivering unparalleled performance and durability. Upgrade to Deye for the best-in-class lithium-ion solution.


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  • Deye BMU High Voltage Battery Cluster Control Box for BOS-G (HVB750V/100A-EU)

    Introducing the Deye High Voltage Battery Cluster Control Box, designed specifically for the BOS-G-HVB750V/100A-EU high voltage battery system. This control box serves as a central hub, providing intelligent management and enhanced safety features for your energy storage setup.


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  • Deye High Voltage Battery 3U-Rack

    Deye High Voltage Battery 3U-Rack, designed to accommodate 12 High Voltage batteries and 1 HV Battery Cluster Control Box within a standard 19-inch rack with a 3U bay size. This cutting-edge solution provides a compact and organized approach to energy storage, ensuring reliability and convenience for your power storage requirements. Upgrade to Deye for a seamless and efficient energy storage solution tailored to meet your needs.


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  • Deye BOS-G 5.12KWH H/V Battery

    The Deye BOS-G Battery offers more than just energy storage; it provides a gateway to a sustainable and efficient energy future. By integrating this advanced battery into your system, you’re making a meaningful commitment to eco-friendliness, reliability, and energy independence. Experience the power of the Deye BOS-G 5.12kWh H/V Battery today and unlock your energy potential like never before.


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  • Deye 20Kw 3 Phase High Voltage Inverter

    Deye 3 Phase High Voltage Inverter – 20KW, a revolutionary solution with 100% unbalanced output on each phase. Ideal for retrofitting existing solar systems, this inverter supports both on-grid and off-grid operations, allowing parallel connection of up to 10 units. With a robust design, it accommodates multiple batteries in parallel, boasting a remarkable charging/discharging current of 50A. The inclusion of a high voltage battery enhances efficiency, while the flexibility of 6 time periods for charging/discharging ensures optimal energy management. Take advantage of its capability to store energy from a diesel generator, making it a versatile and reliable choice for your energy requirements. Upgrade to Deye for cutting-edge, adaptable energy solutions.


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  • Deye 50KW Hybrid Inverter Three Phase

    Introducing the Deye 48v 50KW Hybrid Inverter, a powerful and reliable three-phase solution designed for higher yields. With a compact design, smart features, and user-friendly interface, this inverter supports a 1.3 DC/AC ratio, saving on device investment. Its flexibility extends to three-phase unbalanced output, catering to various application scenarios. The high voltage battery (160-800V) ensures system efficiency while the smart monitoring platform enhances remote management, making PV plant operation and maintenance a breeze.


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  • Deye 16Kw Inverter Single Phase

    16KW INVERTER – Revolutionize Your Solar Power System with the DEYE 16KW Hybrid Inverter

    Harness the power of the sun and take control of your energy consumption with the DEYE 16KW Hybrid Inverter, a revolutionary solution designed to optimize your solar power system. This cutting-edge inverter offers an unparalleled combination of efficiency, reliability, and user-friendliness, making it the ideal choice for residential and commercial applications.


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  • Deye 12kw 3 Phase Hybrid Inverter

    Deye’s 3 Phase hybrid inverter with a battery voltage range of 40~60V is expected to bring an end to the problem that the DC high voltage causes fires.

    The Deye 12Kw 3 Phase Hybrid Inverter is a hybrid inverter for both wind turbines and solar panel.

    This hybrid inverter is highly reliable and cost-effective.

    It automatically switches from AC mode to DC mode within five milliseconds.

    Deye 12Kw Hybrid inverter adopts the latest “battery management system” (BMS), which is a critical part of hybrid inverter system to ensure the safety and stability of the whole system.

    • 48V low voltage battery, transformer isolation design.
    • 6 time periods for battery charging/discharging.
    • Max. charging/discharging current of 240A.
    • Frequency droop control, Max.16pcs parallel.
    • DC couple and AC couple to retrofit the existing solar system.
    • Support storing energy from a diesel generator.
    • Supports three-phase unbalanced output.
    • Unique Smart Load application and Grid peak-shaving function.
  • Deye 12Kw Single Phase Inverter

    Deye 12kW Hybrid Inverter Single Phase is designed for residential and light commercial applications, aiming to optimize the self-consumption of solar energy and enhance energy independence.


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  • Deye 8KW inverter

    Deye 48v 8KW,hybrid inverter, is suitable for residential and light commercial use, maximizing self-consumption rate of solar energy and increasing your energy impendence.


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  • Deye 5kw Inverter

    Key Features

    • LCD Touch screen and buttons, easy operation
    • Compatible with lithium-ion battery and lead acid battery
    • Web browser and mobile App monitoring supported
    • Improve self-consumption ratio up to 80%, reducing your electricity bill
    • DC/AC ratio up to 1.3, completely suitable for double-side PV modular
    • Two MPPT design, Max. efficiency of 97.6%
    • Programmable charging and discharging schedule
    • Both wind turbines and solar panels can be connected as DC input power

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