• SRNE 10Kw Off Grid Inverter

    Elevate your off-grid energy solutions with the SRNE Inverter 10KW Off Grid (ASF48100S200-H). Offering a robust 10,000W output, this advanced inverter boasts efficient dual MPPT with up to 99.9% efficiency and supports a PV input of 5500W + 5500W. With versatile AC and inverter modes, user-friendly installation, and safety features encompassing hardware and software, this inverter provides reliable and efficient power control. Explore its adaptability to various battery types, intelligent Li-ion battery BMS activation, and a time-slot function for cost-saving with peak-valley tariff. Discover seamless energy management with SRNE.


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  • SRNE All In One 5Kw Inverter & 5.12Kwh 200Ah 51.2V Lithium Battery

    Experience intelligent power management with the SRNE All-In-One 5kW Inverter & 5.12kWh 51.2V Lithium Battery. This vertical energy storage system integrates a powerful inverter and high-capacity LiFePO4 battery, offering real-time monitoring through Wi-Fi and a large LCD screen. The plug-and-play design ensures hassle-free installation, eliminating wire clutter. With a slim width of just 13cm, it saves space while allowing easy expansion—up to four batteries in parallel, providing a total capacity of 20.48kWh. Explore versatile charge/discharge modes and high-quality lithium iron phosphate cells for reliable energy solutions.


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  • SRNE All In One 3.5Kw Inverter & 5.12Kwh 200Ah 24V Lithium Battery

    Explore the SRNE All-In-One 3.5kW Inverter & 5.12kWh 200Ah 24V Lithium Battery—a powerful combination for simplified and efficient home energy solutions. This integrated system features a scalable inverter supporting up to 20kW with multiple working modes, offering flexibility in meeting diverse power needs. Benefit from fast and flexible charging options, utilizing solar panels, Eskom, or both simultaneously. The 5.12kWh LiFePO4 battery ensures a reliable and long-lasting power source, making it perfect for remote applications with a designed life of 5000 cycles.


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  • SRNE 3kW 24V 80A Off-Grid Inverter

    Uncover the SRNE Off-Grid Inverter 3kW 24V 80A HF2430S60-100—a dynamic power solution with versatile operating modes for your energy needs. With a seamless switch between C Mode and Inverter Mode, it delivers a pure sine wave output, rated at 3300W, with efficient power conversion. Enjoy advanced features like MPPT technology, adjustable charging currents, and comprehensive protection mechanisms for your battery and PV systems. With robust communication options and adaptable environmental limits, this inverter ensures reliable and efficient off-grid power management.


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  • SRNE 3kW 60A Off-Grid Inverter

    Explore the SRNE Off-Grid Inverter 3kW 24V 60A HF2430S60-100—a cutting-edge hybrid solar charge inverter that seamlessly integrates PV charge, grid (generator) charge, and AC sine wave output. With advanced features like full-digital double closed-loop control, SPWM technology for pure sine wave output, and versatile charging modes, it ensures uninterrupted power supply and efficient energy management. Enjoy user-defined charging parameters, intelligent fan technology, and comprehensive protection for solar panels. Connect with ease through various communication modules for remote control and monitoring.


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