Atess 1000kw Bypass Cabinet for Atess PCS


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Introducing the Atess 1000kW Bypass Cabinet, specially designed for Atess PCS, providing seamless import/export control and rapid on/off grid transfer within 10ms. With a rated voltage of 400V and a rated current of 1444A, this bypass cabinet ensures reliable power distribution for a variety of applications.

Engineered for flexibility and efficiency, this cabinet supports DG connection, allowing for versatile power management. Its automatic transfer capability enables seamless switching between on/off grid modes, ensuring uninterrupted power supply even during grid fluctuations.

Featuring robust protection mechanisms such as Type II lightning protection and an IP20 protection degree, this bypass cabinet safeguards against environmental hazards, ensuring reliable operation in challenging conditions.

Equipped with RS485/CAN communication capabilities, this cabinet enables seamless integration into existing monitoring systems, facilitating remote management and control. With its compact design and manageable weight, installation is convenient and hassle-free, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Trust the Atess 1000kW Bypass Cabinet to provide efficient power distribution and seamless grid management, ensuring uninterrupted operation in critical scenarios.

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Import/export control

Seamless on/off grid
transfer within 10ms

Flexible management

DG connection supported

Rated voltage : 400V
Rated current : 1444A
Rated frequency : 50Hz
Rated power : 1000kVA
Max. current : 1091A
Transfer between on/off grid : Automatic≤10ms
Power limit (grid) : Yes
Pv Inverter breaker : 2000A/3P
PCS breaker : 2000A/3P
Grid breaker : 2000A/3P
Load breaker : 2000A/3P
Bypass breaker : 1600A/3P
DG breaker : 2000A/3P
Lightning protection : Type II
Protection degree : IP20
Relative humidity : 0-95% non-condensing
Operating temperatire : -25 °C~+55 °C
Dimension (W/H/D) : 2850/2100/800mm
Weight : 1500kg
Communication : RS485/CAN

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Atess 1000kw Bypass Cabinet for Atess PCS


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