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As with the 43.6k BR mentioned above, this second & final battery in the small but purposeful BR Series matches the similar-named HC variant, BN52V-1120-58.2k HC,  in basically everything except looks. In a side-by-side comparison next to the smaller capacity 43.6k BR however, it would be difficult to tell the batteries apart if one doesn’t know what to look for, apart from the obvious OLED display and/or serial tags of either battery, of course. Both BR batteries would have the same sized frame, number of modules & front connection configuration.

Incidentally, the 43.6k and 58.2k models of both the HC and BR Series are built with the same 280Ah LifePo4 cells. This is why a 58.2k battery’s capacity is exactly 25% more than a 43.6k’s. While both batteries must be built with 16 x cell packs connected in series to reach a voltage of 52V, the 43.6k’s series string consists of 16 x 3P cell packs, while the 58.2k’s consists of 16 x 4P cell packs.

In short, BN52V-1120-58.2k BR batteries can be installed wherever its HC counterpart’s performance & capacity is required but prevented by logistical and/or space constraints, as well as at remote sites suitable for 43.6k BR installation but capacity requirements are not quite met.


• Tried & trusted lithium iron phosphate technology
•7+ years of High Current Series experience & refinements, reshaped to be installable in the most remote locations.
• Fully rechargeable from 0-100%  in just 1 hour, at 96% efficiency.
• Up to 9 x  43.6k BR batteries can be connected in parallel for total installed capacity of 392kWh.
• Serial (CAN) compatible with the associated hardware of industry-leading suppliers,
incl. but not limited to: Victron®, Studer®, Ingeteam®, SMA®, Goodwe® & Sunsynk®
• 10 Year warranty.

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