Deye BMU High Voltage Battery Cluster Control Box for BOS-G (HVB750V/100A-EU)


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Introducing the Deye High Voltage Battery Cluster Control Box, designed specifically for the BOS-G-HVB750V/100A-EU high voltage battery system. This control box serves as a central hub, providing intelligent management and enhanced safety features for your energy storage setup.

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Seamless Integration

This control box is tailor-made for the BOS-G-HVB750V/100A-EU battery system, ensuring seamless compatibility and efficient communication.

Advanced Monitoring

Gain comprehensive insights into your energy storage system’s performance through real-time monitoring of parameters like voltage, current, state of charge, and more.

Enhanced Safety

Equipped with advanced safety features, including overcurrent protection, short-circuit protection, and temperature monitoring, the control box ensures the safety and reliability of your energy system.

User-Friendly Interface

The control box comes with a user-friendly interface that displays vital information about your battery system, making it easy to understand and manage.


The modular design of the control box allows for future expansion, accommodating the growth of your energy storage needs.

Remote Accessibility

Access and control your energy system remotely via compatible devices, providing convenience and flexibility in system management

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Deye BMU High Voltage Battery Cluster Control Box for BOS-G (HVB750V/100A-EU)


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