Freedom Lite Business 200/160kWh 52v LiFePO4 Battery


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Freedom Lite Business 200/160kWh 52v LiFePO4 Battery - LiTE Commercial 200/160. Designed to meet the demanding needs of businesses, this battery boasts a substantial energy capacity of 200 kWh, with 160 kWh available at 80% Depth of Discharge (DoD) and 180 kWh at 90% DoD. Its advanced lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry ensures exceptional performance and longevity, with a warranty of 10 years or 4,000 cycles for average 80% DoD.

Engineered for seamless integration, this battery features a comprehensive battery management system and internal trip protection, guaranteeing reliable operation and safeguarding against critical faults. Its sturdy aluminum enclosure, rated to IP20, ensures protection in indoor or fully protected under-cover environments. The battery's control interface includes CAN Bus for diagnostics and troubleshooting, while the human interface provides convenient access to state-of-charge display, error reset, and USB programming.

With a wide operating temperature range of -20°C to +60°C and natural convection cooling, this battery delivers consistent performance even in extreme conditions. Whether for peak shaving, load shifting, or backup power, the Freedom Lite Business 200/160kWh 52v LiFePO4 Battery offers a versatile and dependable solution for commercial energy storage needs

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LiTE Commercial 200/160

Total Energy Capacity [kWh]


Energy, 80% DoD [kWh]


Energy, 90% DoD [kWh]


Current Capacity [Ah]


Max/Cont. Charge and Discharge Current [A] 1

2 400/1 070

Max/Cont. Charge and Discharge Power [kW] 1


Nominal Voltage [V] 2


Max Recommended Inverter Total Rated Power (cont.) [kVA]


Battery Dimensions – H x W x D [mm] 3


Battery Weight [kg]


DC Connection – Fly Leads (no. per electrode) [mm²] 3

4 x 120mm² Permopower

Round Trip Efficiency [%]



Aluminium enclosure painted white, for use indoors or fully protected under-cover environments, rated to IP20


Shunt Trip Circuit Breaker sized to suit max current, can be tripped by BMS if critical fault, manual reset. Protection for overcurrent, cell under and over voltage, temperature, weak cell detection and other critical events

Control Interface

CAN Bus for diagnostics & troubleshooting. RJ45 Strictly for BMS & inverter communication

Human Interface

On and Off buttons, State of Charge display (0 to 100%), Error light, Error Reset button, USB plug for programming and data access with PC, main breaker

On-board Management

Comprehensive battery management system and internal trip protection

Battery Chemistry

Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)

Cell Form Factor

Large Format heavy-duty prismatic cells of 200Ah each and 3.2V nominal voltage, fully sealed in plastic casing with laser-welded electrode connections

Battery Cooling

Natural Convection (heat generation is negligible inside the battery)

Suitable Ambient Temp [°C] 5

0°C to +35°C

Extreme Operating Temp
[°C] 5

-20°C to +60°C

Warranty 6

10 years or 4 000 cycles for average 80% DoD, and max 90% DoD

Service Life 6

>16 years (>5 500 cycles) expected life at 80% DoD per cycle, >20 years (>7 500 cycles) at 50% DoD

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Freedom Lite Business 200/160kWh 52v LiFePO4 Battery


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