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Product Description

This Freedom Won Lite Commercial HV LiFePO4 battery is the perfect high quality battery for all your large commercial and industrial solar solutions. LiFePO4 batteries save up to 70% in space and 70% in weight compared to lead acid batteries. This Freedom Won Lite Commercial battery offers a large commercial storage solution, in a single deployment.

Product Features:

  • Total Energy Capacity : 100kWh
  • Nominal Voltage : 512V
  • Max/Min Operating Voltage : 568/456 V
  • Max Inverter Cap : 120kVA
  • Round Trip Efficiency : 96 – 97%
  • Enclosure / Casing : 3mm thick aluminium, powder coated and tamper proof for indoor use
  • On-board Management : Full battery management system and internal trip protection
  • Human Interfaces : On and Off Buttons, State of Charge Display (0 to 100%), Error light, Error Reset Button, USB Plug
    for Programming and data access with PC, main breaker
  • Protection : Shunt Trip Circuit Breaker sized to suit max current, can be tripped by BMS if critical fault, manual
    reset. Protection for overcurrent, cell under and over voltage, temperature, weak cell detection
    and other critical events
  • Battery Chemistry Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)
  • Cell Form Factor : Large Format ultra-heavy-duty prismatic cells of 200Ah each and 3,2V nominal voltage, fully
    sealed in plastic casing with bolt on electrode connections
  • Battery Cooling : Natural Convection (heat generation is negligible inside the battery)
  • Suitable Ambient Temp [°C] : 0°C to +40°C
  • Extreme Operating Temp [°C] : 4 -20°C to +60°C
  • Remote Monitoring : Real time data logging and transmission via WiFi to online portal of key battery information
  • Warranty : 10 years or 4 000 cycles for average 80% DoD, and max 90% DoD

High Performance

  • High energy density: more energy less weight.
  • High charge currents (Shortens the charge period – essential for a proper solar power system).
  • High discharge currents (Enabling for example electrical cooking on a small battery bank).
  • Long battery life (up to six times the battery life of a lead acid battery).
  • High efficiency between charging and discharging (Very little energy loss due to heat development).
  • Higher continuous power available.


  • A lead acid battery can fail prematurely due to sulphating if it is left partially charged, fully discharged or rarely fully charged for long periods of time. A Lithium Iron Phosphate battery does not need to be kept fully charged, has a wide operating temperature range and excellent cycling performance. They are therefore THE battery for very demanding applications.


  • The typical “round trip” energy efficiency (energy that can be taken out of the battery compared to energy required to re-charge) for lead acid batteries is ~ 70%. For a LiFePO4 battery it is >96%. The Final C20% charge for a lead acid battery is particularly inefficient with inefficiencies of ~ 50% and can take a very long time for the battery to become completely charged. In contrast a LiFePO4 battery will always achieve 96% efficiency and so can be fully charged more quickly while wasting less energy.

Size & Weight

  • Weight : 883g
  • Height : 1550mm
  • Depth (from wall) : 370mm
  • Length (width along wall) : 1261mm

Battery Management System

  • It is vital that an advance Battery Management System (BMS) is used to control the battery charging. This is important to actively balance the individual cells that make up the battery and prevent under or over voltage which can otherwise destroy the battery. It is also important for the battery to be able to communicate with the rest of the system.

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Freedom Won Lite Commercial 100/80 HV Battery


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