Hager Change Over 40A 2Pole Din 2Mod SFT240


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2-pole, 40A Centre Off Modular Changeover Switch with Top Common Point

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Electrical Characteristics

Thermal current Ith (40°C) –  40A

Operational frequency – 50 / 60 Hz

Rated insulation voltage (Ui) – 440V

Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp – 6 KV

Protection degree – 2

Working temperature – -20 to 50°C

Storage temperature – -40 to 80°C

Rated voltage – 400V AC – 40A

Short circuit characteristic

Rated short time withstand current 1s Icw (rms) – 600A /1sec

Mechanical characteristic

Rigid cable section – 25mm

flexible cable section – 16mm

Tightening torque – 1.8Nm

IP protection degree – 20

Mechanical endurance (number of cycle) – 200000

Electrical endurance @ AC22(number of cyles) – 2500

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Hager Change Over 40A 2Pole Din 2Mod SFT240

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