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Introducing the Model SE17K solar inverter, engineered to optimize your solar energy system's performance and reliability. With a rated AC power output of 17000VA and maximum efficiency reaching 98%, this inverter ensures maximum energy yield from your photovoltaic panels. Designed with safety in mind, it features ground-breaking technology such as reverse-polarity protection, ground-fault isolation detection, and compliance with stringent international standards including IEC, VDE, and RoHS.

The SE17K offers seamless integration with supported communication interfaces including RS485, Ethernet, and optional Zigbee or Wi-Fi, enabling remote monitoring and control for effortless management of your solar system. Its transformer-less, ungrounded design coupled with European weighted efficiency of 97.7% ensures optimal performance even in challenging environmental conditions.

Installation is simplified with AC output cable glands and MC4 pairs for DC input, while its compact dimensions and IP65 protection rating make it suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations. Whether for residential or commercial applications, the SE17K is your reliable partner in harnessing clean, renewable energy for a sustainable future.

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Rated AC Power Output 17000VA
Maximum AC Power Output 17000VA
AC Output Voltage – Line to Line /
Line to Neutral (Nominal)
380 / 220Vac , 400 / 230Vac
AC Output Voltage –
Line to Neutral Range
184Vac – 264.5Vac
AC Frequency 50/60 ± 5Hz
Maximum Continuous Output
Current (per Phase)
Residual Current Detector /
Residual Current Step Detector
Grids Supported – Three Phase(V) 3 / N / PE (WYE with Neutral)
Utility Monitoring, Islanding Protection, Configurable Power Factor,
Country Configurable Thresholds
Maximum DC Power (Module STC) 22950W
Tranformer-less, Ungrounded Yes
Maximum Input Voltage 900Vdc
Nominal DC Input Voltage 750Vdc
Maximum Input Current 23Adc
Reverse-Polarity Protection Yes
Ground-Fault Isolation Detection 700kΩ Sensitivity
Maximum Inverter Efficiency 98%
European Weighted Efficiency 97.7%
Nighttime Power Consumption <2.5W
Supported Communication
RS485, Ethernet, Zigbee (optional), Wi-Fi(Optional), Built-in GSM (optional)
2-pole Disconnection N/A
DC Surge Protection N/A
DC Fuses on Plus & Minus N/A
Compliance N/A
Safety IEC-62103(EN50178), IEC-62109, AS3100
Grid Connection Standards VDE-AR-N-4105, G59/3, AS-4777, EN 50438, CEI-021, VDE 0126-1-1, CEI-016, BDEW
Emmisions IEC61000-6-2, IEC61000-6-3, IEC 61000-3-11, IEC61000-3-12
RoHS Yes
AC Output Cable Gland – diameter 15mm – 21mm
DC Input 2MC4 pairs
DC Input with Safety Unit N/A
Dimensions (HxWxD) 540mm x 315mm x 260mm
Dimensions With Safety Unit (HxWxD) N/A
Weight 33.2kg
Weight with Safety Unit N/A
Operating Temperature Range -20˚C – +60˚C (M40 version -40˚C – +60˚C)
Cooling Fan (User Replaceable)
Noise < 50dBA
Protection Rating IP65 – Output and Indoor
Bracket Mounted (Bracket Provided)
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SolarEdge 17.0kW Inverter 3P SetApp Config

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