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Elevate your off-grid energy solutions with the SRNE Inverter 10KW Off Grid (ASF48100S200-H). Offering a robust 10,000W output, this advanced inverter boasts efficient dual MPPT with up to 99.9% efficiency and supports a PV input of 5500W + 5500W. With versatile AC and inverter modes, user-friendly installation, and safety features encompassing hardware and software, this inverter provides reliable and efficient power control. Explore its adaptability to various battery types, intelligent Li-ion battery BMS activation, and a time-slot function for cost-saving with peak-valley tariff. Discover seamless energy management with SRNE.

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  • Dual MPPT with up to 99.9% efficiency
  • Up to 22A PV input current perfect for high power modules


  • Outputs high quality pure sine wave AC power
  • 8-10kW load power to meet the needs of most households


  • Industrial design with a modern aesthetic look
  • Easy to install and simple to use


  • 360 degrees of security from hardware to software
  • EU and North American safety approvals


  • Solar Charger Controller up to 200A charging current
  • Support for Li-ion battery BMS communication


  • Exclusive Li-ion battery BMS dual activation
  • Time-slot function to save cost with peak-valley tariff

Specifications – SRNE: Inverter 10KW Off Grid:

  • Rated Output Power: 10,000W
  • Max.Peak Power: 20,000W
  • Rated Output Voltage: 230VacL1/N/PE single-phase
  • Load Capacity of Motors: 6HP
  • Rated AC Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Waveform: Pure Sine Wave
  • Switch Time: 10mstypical
  • Battery Type: Li-ion / Lead-Acid / User Defined
  • Rated Battery Voltage: 48Vdc
  • Voltage Range: 40-60Vdc
  • Max.MPPT Charging Current: 200A
  • Max.Mains/Generator Charging Current: 120A
  • Max.Hybrid Charging Current: 200A


  • Num. of MPP Trackers: 2
  • Max.PV array power: 11,000W
  • Max.input current: 22/22A
  • Max.Voltage of Open Circuit: 500Vdc
  • MPPT Voltage Range: 125-425Vdc


  • Input Voltage Range: 90-270Vac
  • Frequency Range: 50/60Hz
  • Bypass Overload Current: 32A


  • MPPT Tracking Efficiency: 99.9%
  • Max. Battery Inverter Efficiency: 92%


  • Dimensions: 620*435*130mm/2*1.4*0.4ft
  • Weight: 21kg44lb
  • Protection Degree: IP20Indoor Only
  • Operating Temperature Range: -15~55,>45 derated5~131>113 derated
  • Noise: <60dB
  • Cooling Method: Internal Fan


  • Embedded Interfaces: RS485 / CAN / USB / Dry contact
  • External Modules Optional: Wi-Fi / GPRS
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SRNE 10Kw Off Grid Inverter


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