Sungrow 6kw Inverter & 9.6kWh (3×3.2kWh) Batteries + Accessories


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High Performance

  • Up to 30A continuous charging and discharging current with high efficiency
  • Up to 100% usable energy


  • Lithium iron phosphate Battery
  • Multi-stages protection design and extensive safety certification


  • Extendable during lifetime
  • Support 3-8 modules per unit, max. 4 units in parallel, 9–100 kWh capacity range

Easy Installation

  • Compact and light, single person installation
  • Plug and play, no cables needed between battery modules
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Battery Type LiFePO4 Prismatic Cell
Battery Module 3.2 kWh, 33 kg
Energy (useable) 1 9.6 kWh
Nominal Voltage 192 V
Rated DC Power 5.76 kW
Operating Power 150 – 219 V
Max. charging / discharging current:
30 A
Depth of discharge Max. 100 % DOD (settable)
Short circuit current 3500 A
Display SOC indicator, Status indicator
Communication interface CAN
Over / under voltage protection Yes
Over current protection Yes
Over/under temperature protection Yes
DC breaker Yes
Dimensions (W*H*D) 625*545*330 mm
Weight 114 kg
Installation location Indoor / Outdoor
Mounting method Floor stand
Operating ambient temperature range Charge: 0 to 50 ℃
Discharge: -20 to 50 ℃
Degree of protection IP55
Allowable relative humidity range 0% to 95% no condensing
Max. operating altitude Max. 4000 m
Cooling method Natural convection
Certificates CE, CEC, IEC 62619, IEC 62040, UN38.3, VDE 2510-50
Warranty 2 10 Years


1: Test conditions: 25 ℃, 100 % depth of discharge (DOD), 0.2C charge & discharge
2: Refer to battery warranty letter for conditional application.

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Sungrow 6kw Inverter & 9.6kWh (3x3.2kWh) Batteries + Accessories


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