US3000 Pylontech LiFePO4 Battery

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Pylontech US3000C, a 48V low voltage HESS battery designed for reliability, safety, and flexibility. Powered by cutting-edge lithium iron phosphate cells, this modular battery offers a remarkable 3374Wh of usable energy, powerful parallel capability, and an intelligent BMS safeguard. With a 7-year standard warranty (extendable to 10 years) and flexible installation options, it's not just a battery; it's a decade-long promise of quality for your home energy storage needs

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These US3000C can be discharged to MAX 95% compared to the MAX 90 % of the US3000B

They are compatible with the US3000B,however,the US3000C MUST be set as the MASTER battery when mixing the battery types

Cycle life is the same

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US3000 Pylontech LiFePO4 Battery

R25439,70R29255,66 (-13%)

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